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In the last ten years online dating has become prolific, everyone knows someone who has met online. I can be positively life changing and there is someone out there for everyone, please believe this. With millions of people online the probability of not finding someone or many people totally incompatible is totally non-existent. It is a very cost effective method of meeting, minimising travel and not leaving the house in order to filter possible partners. As long as you can use e-mail and a web browser you can use an online dating site. It is said that there are over ten million visitors to online dating sites every month in the UK.


It brings meeting people closer and as well as the general public it helps single parents, the disabled and people who have a small social circle and the quieter and more reserved person closer to meeting someone and affords them a wonderful opportunity.


It should not be assumed that the very first person you contact is going to be the one. Usually it would take many contacts to meet someone compatible but a lot of this filtering is done online.


People who use online dating sites come from all walks of life, the professions, rich bankers and other wealthy people to ordinary working class people. It also spans all ages and one of the most expansive demographics is in the mature dating scene as well as the very young. Whatever your age you will find millions of people you your own age looking for someone.


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